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Chevon Matthews, Cofounder

It is the simple things that makes her most happy. Sisters stand together on solidarity. We encourage, help, and provide support while also holding each other accountable. We have integrity. We are not in competition with each other. We want so see everyone happy and bring the best out of one another.

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My Story

Chevon Matthews was born in New York City, New York. She moved to Hampton, Virginia with her parents and older brother. She is the aunt to both a niece and a nephew. One attends college and the other is in High School. Chevon is an alumna of Norfolk State University where she studied Psychology.


Since graduating, Chevon has worked in many different sectors of the Human Services field. Chevon enjoys working with people from various backgrounds. Chevon worked with school age children/adolescents and encouraged them to be their best selves by providing tools to cope and navigate through life.


Chevon is fulfilled by seeing progress and growth in individuals, while she continues to also work on herself and personal development. She believes in acknowledging the small victories in life while continuing to go after the larger, more complex goals. Chevon is currently a Final Expense Insurance Agent with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company. She is still motivated by and focused on helping people and families. Chevon also spends her time booking and scheduling dream vacations as an Independent Travel Agent. Chevon enjoys assisting families, organizations, friends or solo vacationers decompress with new adventures and making new memories. Chevon enjoys networking, meeting new people, and gaining new experiences. She loves to spends time with her friends and family.


IG: chevonchantell

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