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April Sponsor Spotlight-757

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Chef Jas


Check out her event Massages & Mimosas on 4.23

Chef Jas, Bronx, NY native is the owner of Jas of all Trades, a catering and personal chef company that also offers a unique and creative experience to surgical WeightLoss recipients by providing meals and support curated to individual needs.

She obtained her BA in Culinary Management from The Art Institute of Virginia Beach, while also operating as co-owner of Curated Chefs, vending at various fairs and events, both locally and out of state.

Chef Jas is a believer in Christ, a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend, and an urban warrior and #InThatOrder She is a paladin of principles and a champion of women. Her hobbies include travel, writing lyrics, poetry, and stories, reading, and helping other prospective entrepreneurs with their business goals.

Contact Chef Jas for catering for any event, anywhere. Her motto is “i just wanna feed you.”

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Apr 06, 2022

You were absolutely amazing!!’ Thanks again for such a personalized “Swagg Bag”…😊


Apr 03, 2022

Thank you!!! Ladies, use code LAG for $5 off your ticket or vendor price. I’d love to see your faces in all the places !!

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