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Easter Egg Hunt Volunteer Positions

Heyyyyyy Ladiessss,

I am so excited to have y'all help me this year

Come with those beautiful smiles and ready to service those beautiful babies and parents.

Arrival time should be 1:30pm, especially for certain roles

Positions are as followed but not limited to:

Egg fillers(all hands on deck) - give each vendor their hundred fifty eggs. 150 (start at 100)

Should arrive promptly at 130 to begin counting and distribution (may be done before the event )

Basket giver(2) -gives baskets to children after parent signs in -raffle tix to each adult

Sign in rep (2)- (1:30 arrival, to learn sign in app) signs in each adult. Pre registered guests names should appear when they begin typing or will be on check list in app

Face painting assistant (assistant)- ensure like is flowing, maintained, guests happy 😃 ensure Kaj is all good and her assistant

Line breaker- direct children & parents how the trail flows

Childrens area attendant- tables set up with kid activities -hoola hoops, coloring, bubbles

Flow & key points

Every adult is required to provide phone & email (and name of course) before baskets are given to children

(there may be a need to split the line between RSVP and non RSVP Jaz will give that directive based on attendance.

Ensure you share the event a few times. We’d love maximum attendance and really get some eyes on LAG in the community & not just on social.

Each vendor receives 150 eggs

Raffle prizes held at DJ booth

Raffles every 20 min

Grand Easter basket given at last raffle

If you have any questions ....HMU on tha app sis! 😆

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