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January Sponsor Spotlight

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Ladies Around 757 Sponsor Spotlight

Here’s a look at one of our two sponsors from Liberty Mutual for this months link up at Republic on Granby for Brunch.

Jazmin Clark


Jazmin Clark has worked in the insurance industry for going on 3 years. She is a Sales Representative for Liberty Mutual, and has vowed to educate and protect her community with providing the best coverage options for their home, vehicle, life, pets and more.


As part of working in the insurance industry, Jazmin has worked hard to promote life insurance in the African American community and the younger generation. Jazmin has earned multiple accolades and awards, including the Lamplighter award which recognizes a high volume of life insurance sales within a 12 month period.

Personal note

She lives in Virginia Beach, VA with her 5 year old daughter, Eden, and 2 cute yet crazy cats. When Jazmin isn’t working hard at Liberty Mutual, you’ll find her working on her side business, Invyte, which specializes in champagne walls and event decor.

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